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Skilled Workers

The points based skilled worker permits do not require you have to a job offer or sponsor, although both of these are areas that contribute to your points total.


Family permits are available for spouses, life partners, fiancées as well as parents and children.


Migrate to Australia in an appropriate business or designated investments. Also ideal for retirees.


From temporary travel through to ownership or part ownership of a business in Australia.


For those applicants who have already got a job offer in Australia whether it is for a temporary period of time or a permanent nature.

Visa Options

Discover all the different visa options available for travel, temporary immigration or a permanent move to Australia.

Employer Sponsored Skilled Visas Family Visas Working Holiday Business Visas Investor Visas Visa Options
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Immigration to Australia

Immigration to Australia is as popular as ever and it remains the chosen destination of hundreds of thousands of people a year. Whether your immigration to Australia is for the purposes of study, setting up a business, or to work, expert immigration advice is just a phone call or e-mail away.

We welcome you to our site that contains an overview of the various Australian visas and permits, to enable you to immigrate to Australia. You will be able to learn about the various steps of the immigration process and importantly how using a professional MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority ) registered professional can assist you in making your immigration application and subsequent move to Australia as smooth as possible.

For those wishing to assess there eligibility for Immigration to Australia we invite you to complete our immigration eligibility assessment, e-mail your enquiry through or request a call back to speak with a member of our immigration team.

Assessing your eligibility for immigration to Australia.

At this stage it may just be an idea or potential option, or perhaps your plans have gone further and Australia is definitely your selected immigration destination – either way assessing your eligibility to immigrate to Australia is of prime importance and should be the first step on your immigration journey.

The Immigration Act, Regulations, Ministerial Instructions and Procedure Advice Manual (out of which the Department of Immigration and Citizenship operate) is thousands of pages long and there are approximately some 170 Australian visa and permit options. There is simply no way a website, an instant 'free' online eligibility, or even a brief consultation can provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions and avoid making costly mistakes.

It is also at this stage that thoughts turn to professional help. Which company has the required expertise, Australian Immigration experience and service standards to assess your eligibility? How can they assist in uncovering all the appropriate Australian visa options, professionally prepare and submit any applications and guide you through all the extensive relocation scenarios?

There is little doubt that enlisting the services of a professional, registered Australian immigration expert can only improve your chances of a successful immigration application - but of course which company should you select.

Selecting professional help to assess and assist you for immigration to Australia

For applicants outside of Australia selecting, your Australian immigration company can be thwart with difficulties.

Importantly your first criteria must be that any company you are dealing with is registered with The Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

You can read more on the role that MARA plays in regulating the Australian Immigration industry here, but in short it is illegal in Australia to give advice about immigration to Australia without being registered with the Office of the MARA. There are heavy penalties for giving immigration assistance without this registration, this however does not apply to “so called advisors” based abroad with many offering their services as 'experts' but in fact having no official standing.

Unregistered persons or companies may try to take advantage of your situation and provide incorrect information and false hopes, such as, guaranteeing you a visa or no visa no fee services.

Using a registered professional may well cost you slightly more in service fees but using an unregistered one may well jeopardise your whole immigration to Australia.

Intergate Immigration and IMMagine Immigration Australia have teamed up to provide South Africa's most comprehensive and experienced Australian Immigration team.

Together we offer:

  • In excess of 50 years of immigration experience
  • Boast a success rate of in excess of 99%
  • A shared philosophy of a personalised, value for money and client driven service
  • Support for your immigrations application both in South Africa and Australia
  • IMMagine Immigration Australia consultants are licensed agents by The Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) .
  • An office network of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Melbourne
  • An international series of seminars and one to consultations including:
    • South Africa
    • Mauritius
    • Singapore
    • Malaysia

If you are serious about Immigration to Australia

Our service is thorough, its professional, its regulated and importantly it is proven. With 170 different visa options and thousands of pages of regulations the IMMagine Immigration Australia and Intergate team is there to guide you through the options, eligibility, application process and relocation issues.

Based both in South Africa and Australia there is no better choice or company to trust with your Immigration to Australia.